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TWICE THE MAN By: Tommie Forster

Over 15,104 years ago, life as we know it today was quite different. There were no Polo, Roca Wear, Versaci or Gucci. Nor were there any Nissians, Hondas, Lamborghinis, or Ferraris to validate mans existence. There were no contacts to distort the natural color of the eye. No chemicals dyd to cause the hair to lie. Instead, All that existed 15,104 years ago was Man and Woman in their Original mind.
15,104 years ago, Man was Twice The Man because he knew the value of his woman. Hence it is the Womb-man from which all that we know comes into existence. I guess its true, as the daying goes – “A nation can rise no higher than its woman.” Throughout antiquity men understood that the strength of a nation is carried on through its women. So they held them high. Esteem was mutual therefore they married in mind -husband and wife.
Together, they didn’t need anything to substantiate their life. They knew the importance of being in their Original Thought and Mind. It is this state of existence that allowed the Original Family to detail, design and build greatness from their own imagination. They ruled some of the most advanced Nations. Father and Mother of Civilizations. If he or she could imagine it, with careful planning and execution it soon came to be. But they were ever mindful of how everything they created would effect others and the Earth as a whole.
Man protected the Earth, because he knew that the woman is the Earth. Therefore, He cherished Her. And everything that he built resembled her in mind and body – the great wonders of the world some of which date back well over 100,000 years are all made in his and her likeness. Even the shape of a coca cola bottle resembles the shape of her temple – Auset (The Orignal Woman).
Of course, Man was twice the Man that he is today because everything that he imagined came through the respectable mind of wombman. Man was twice the man because the principles that he lived by were “Know Thy Self.” In knowing himself, he knew everything in existence. He realized The universe, Sun, Moon and Star were but his very own image – Man, Woman, and Child. He planned, built and lived life according to the alignment of the constellations. This twice the man, respected all things – as a result he respected himself. Well over 15,000 years ago allowed man (Sun) and woman (Earth) lived balanced life. They were equally fair to another.
15,104 ago, man didn’t call his woman a “Bitch”, nor did she use the word “Nigga” to refer to her man. They clearly understood that Nigga and Bitch was only a experiment that created a experience of hell. So instead of degrading themselves and each other, they called one another King and Queen.
Man knew that his true greatness is the image of Woman and woman knew her image is defined by Man.. Together they are one unit. Therefore, the original Man, is twice the man because he has “woman” to bear his seed just as the Earth bring forth fruit for us to eat. Man and woman together are Twice the man.
This history lives on through He and Her. Therefore, Men and Women reclaim your throne. Don’t validate his or her value on superficiality. Physicality can never define the depths of mentality. Therefore, find your King/Queen, and uplift him/her. Grow together and Embrace the power of mental substantiality. Build a Foundation of stability and develop trust and Stability. Respect one another and live as the King and Queen that we truly are.
Remember, together as one we are Twice the Man.
Peace and Love

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