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I have tried to touch on a broad range of issues that impact us all. I am always intrigued by what you and other readers are interested in hearing about. This very brief blog is my formal invite to all readers to become collaborative partners. If you wish to become an active participant for change and want to see certain issues addressed from my perspective, I want to hear directly from you.

Go to: and follow the step by step instructions to communicate with me directly utilizing the offender email service. Email me with your questions, suggestions, ideas, and commentary. I welcome your input and pray your participation expands beyond this blog site, and into advocacy and activism on behalf of those like myself fighting to make a difference, not just for the disadvantaged, but for all humanity

John E. Hamilton, #1442949
Virginia Dept. of Corrections
Nottoway Correctional Center
2892 Schutt Rd / P.O. Box 488
Burkeville VA 23922

E-mail – Go to and follow instructions

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