Josh Dixon

(life behind bars is what you make it, part 1) by josh dixon

I’m not sure where to begin because i have just begun. People always ask is it hard to survive behind bars? Yes its going to make or break you. First i remind you this is whats goin on or have happened in my life behind bars and i’m just starting to learn, grow mentally and use it. If you asked about me on the streets some people would say i’m a good person, for my family and friends i woud do anything , i’m a good listener, i have a kind heart and would’ve gave my last.. and and some would say in so many words i was hell on eath.. Before i go on some well understand me but for those who dont please dont judge me until the end kool and fell free to ask me anything .. It all started when someone asked me how do i do the time and still smile with my head up and is it hard behind bars? Believe me its not easy, life behind bars is like waking up everyday playing a game and trying your hardest not to lose, for some its just hard as for me i came up in here young and it was fun got a reputation fast no care in the world, gang fights, lockdowns and getting money in always in something is how i was doing my time that got me the nick name Hulk i did not like it but everytime you saw me i was living up to it going too the hole fighting, breaking kuffs, fighting officers, takein dudes up top i was just in everthing so it stuck, but the thing is that was the old young me.some think you cant chang but im here to say thats a lie im 27 years old now and im sitll growin mentally. its a wonder what knowledge you can learn through books and life exprience can do for you if you sit down read and think, and then there the bible, smile. i know some people like o good other one found god behind bars sorry to disapponint you people thats not what im getin at, im not goin to lie im getin there its goin to take me some time because my heart is so cold and i got so much anger built up mad at the wrong people . but i had to stop and think because back then i thought it was everyone els fault but my own thought my best weapon was my hands and words untill i got older learned my best weaponn was my mind and it was my actions that got me here. sorry i have to end here but its not the last time you well hear from me untill next time. thank you for readin my blog.

josh dixon
DOC #574385

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