Adam Hudson

*Empty And All Alone* by Adam Hudson

All i have ever wanted was to be in love and i dont know why being in love has always been so important to me but it has. There has always been something i have loved about making the girl im with feel like she is the most priceless most beautifull and most amazing thing breathing gods fresh air that god has ever created. Things like cooking for her, her sitting between my legs with a blanket wraped around up eating pop corn watching a movie. Theres something about waking up to her still a sleep her hair all a mess and in her face and i roll over kiss her good morning go down stairs fix her hot herbal tea or whatever her breafast drink is. i just love all of it. and now im all alone and i just want someone so bad and i cant, not with the time i have to do.But i still wish to have someone in my life that i can still somehow make feel very spical. I know its kinda weird but its something about love, compainonship and all that makes me feel complete and whole inside.
So if there is anyone that wishes the same thing in life or understands what it is about love is so important please write to me. And thank all of you for listening.

Adam Hudson 737.672
po box 56
Lebanon, oh. 45036
and you can jpay me
which is e-mail for


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