Melvin Robertson

Comment Section… by: Melvin Robertson

I really appreciate those of you that has taken the time to read and comment on my blog post. It is with great regret that I’m unable to read them, let alone reply to them. I’m only aware of the existence of your comment because occasionally a family member informs me that they’re there after going to read a post themselves. Someone I don’t speak with often. I was told that someone specifically commented at length on my #SlaveryWasAChoice! post and was quite interesting. To you and others I say, I would truly appreciate it and enjoy it if you could also find the time to send a copy of your comments directly to me through the jpay email system. I’ll welcome, with an open mind, any comment you’d like to share. Such communication can only lead to enlightenment or a mutual, ‘agree to disagree’:) If not, still keep the comments coming in this manner. I’m sure I’ll have the pleasure of reading them one day.

Take care and may God Bless Us All.

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Melvin Robertson
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