Melvin Robertson

A Message in a bottle! by: Melvin Robertson

Hello my love. As always I’ve had you in my thoughts. Wondering if your eating right, finding time to reward yourself because you work too hard in general not to be afforded some R & R, hoping you are not letting the stressors and people at work get to you, or the family that may be a little too demanding at times. More than that I’ve been longing for the day when you and I come face to face. It is then I can wrap you in these big ole strong arms where you’ll most certainly feel safe and secure without a care in the world;)

I’m kind’ve glad that our start will come like this. This is the ultimate meeting of the minds sort of speak. Meaning, we’re in a position to converse and genuinely get to know one another without physical distraction. Our personalities are at the forefront as we explore each others mind. You see my love, the problem with relationships today is that people don’t take the time to truly get to know one another. They meet, like what they see, rush to the bedroom, the sex is the bomb and that becomes the foundation of their union. But what happens when the sex fizzles? Or someone else comes along a bit more attractive? And you wonder why things aren’t the same…

I’ll tell you why. There’s no psychological connection. My goal is to stimulate your mind and have mine stimulated in turn. By getting to know you will give me the benefit of really liking you as a person, understanding you, and relating to you. And vice-versa. Respecting and knowing your views, as well as, your opinions. We are in a prime situation to romance and make love to our minds first. Therefore, when the physical aspect comes into play it’ll be the most passionate, dynamic and intense feelings we’ve ever experienced! Each and every time! And no one else could ever come along a bit more attractive. This sort of courtship is fail proof and necessary to solidify a foundation and a bond that’ll last forever.

Another thing I learned in life baby is that you have to be honest with yourself. So I asked myself the most serious question I’ve ever asked and that was, “Will you be ready when she comes?” When I answered “Yes” the only thing that mattered was YOU AS YOU ARE! So, it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Indian or mixed. If you think youre not pretty enough, too fat or too skinny, too dark or too light, no car, 5 cars, in between jobs, own a business, got one child or ten kids (Naw wait, 10 kids might be too many.) L.O.L, just kidding. Seriously, all that matters is for you to be yourself. That is a must and mandated for any true mental connection. Plus, I long for a lifetime of pleasing you, but how can you please someone if you don’t know the real them? You feel me?

I’m about to toss this bottle into this cyber ocean confident that it’ll survive any raging digital waves or severe electric storms. You and I are meant to be and nothing will stop you from finding Us. Until then….

Melvin Robertson
DOC #582196


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