Tommie Forster


I awake yearning in a place foreign – A place far from where rivers flow. Absent of life, No children playing in the vacant roads. A place far from everything I know.
I seem to be somewhere lost in a vacuum – No life, forced to ask what’s life for. Cheeks sagging soaked from shedded tears. My heart cries from all the burdened years.
Dull of light; a place silently filled with a voided life; No life, no wife. Anxious to experience what the future holds; paranoid I can feel my heart recoil. Earthquake! Limbs shake. 20 to Life Broken by fate. Im like a newborn baby who’s been left somewhere in a dark alley absent its mothers touch. I can relate.
I guess its true – We get rich or die trying, only getting to this place now im slowing dying. The motta Shows no love – love will get you killed – how is it so – Karmic guilt creates this filth. Resurrection – I struggle to pull myself from media overkill. Can I live? Feeling the affects of 400 years of human suffering – Am I reliving the effects of systematic Human trafficking – Saddened still! Hidden beneath the veil of the 13th amendment. 1865 broke and rewrote a history of psychological conditioning.
Now im buried above the Earth by a system full of jerks. No heart so they love pain and hurt. I plead bended knee for the chance of rebirth. But When the Heart Cries no one hears. People getting rich from my presence here.
Thoughts of hell flood my brain; blood rush my veins. Life or pain. Death or rain. I gasp for air – come on! No Breath to spare. No more lives to play the game.
I wipe the sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand. Atmospheric pressure causes hypertension. Am I hidden deep in the Earths crevices – a island cast away in a caste shadowed by ignorance. Floating away like Wilson.
Alone In the dark. Afraid, no one to soothe my heart. A loud thump penetrates my chest cavity. Am I awake, or am I dreaming. Lucid is cupid numb to the reality of being human.
Mind, body and soul. The body follows wherever the mind goes. How the hell did I end up in Hell? Mind attracted the path leading to jail. Physically I’m stuck in a 6 by 9 cell.
Heart and mind, self – heal. Body and soul are their children. When the heart cries it erases the Karmic wheel. Therefore, I embrace the pain; I make the rain, emotional reincarnation, shedding tears in vain. When the heart cries what’s to regain? When the heart cries can you stand its pain? Knowing not what to expect – I have no regrets. Instead I embrace Experience which promotes growth. Growth is the way for soul rebirth. But When the heart cries, that’s the biggest test. When the heart cries, what do we do next? The next time you are in mental hell, When your heart cries you finish the rest…….
Peace and Blessings

Contact At:
Tommie Forster #1403251
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, VA 23922

or email at:

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