Nicole Bradley

Magic the Gathering by Nicole Bradley

There’s this card game I’m interested in that a few people in here play. I guess it’s a game you play for points or for your opponent’s cards. I’ve never played it before. I do have some cards. But I really know nothing of the game. Is there anyone else reading this that knows how to play? Can anyone send me some information on playing the game, or maybe print me out color copies of the decks so I can cut them out? It’ll be nice if there’s anyone else that plays the game that would like to write me and discuss the game? I’m bored in this place, so this card game seems very interesting to pass the time. I do have games on my tablet I can play to pass the time away. But I do like games that I can play with other people as well. And I especially like all the nerdy fantasy stuff. But, I’m a bit confused on stuff. Is there a deck for contraption cards or sprocket cards? What are tokens in the game? What ate the dice for? So there’s a 6-side dice and a 20-sided dice? When someone plays, do they risk getting their cards taken by other players? How do I learn all this stuff? What are the numbers on the bottom right of the cards? What are the numbers on e bottom left and the top right? Why do some cards have a holographic image at the bottom? What are the different kinds of decks? I’m new to this. Are there any pros out there that wanna help me learn or send me info?

Nicole Bradley
DOC #W82508


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