Dominic Hendrix

“MOTHER’S DAY” by Dominic Hendrix

To all the Ladies out there, whether you are a mother or not, I want to wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day. I hope the men in your lives find the time to spoil you as you deserve to be spoiled. If you don’t have a husband, boyfriend or just a friend then I hope you at least have a son, or a daughter that can bring you a little happiness with a flower or a card at the very least. But if you do have a significant other, now is your Guy’s time to shine, pull out all the stops for that Lady, let her know that she is adored an appreciated for all that she does. Step up, do right by her. Amazing as you all are, you all deserve to be celebrated everyday. Women are our most valuable natural resource, so start treating them like they are.
To the few Ladies in my life, Mom, Gyma, ti’ti Lizzy, Dez, Ammie, Linda I hope you all have a Blessed Mother’s Day. To you Suzie, for blessing me with the freedom to express myself on your site, I thank you and hope you have a beautiful Mother’s Day.

Dominic Jesus Hendrix
DOC #1117227


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