Happy Mothers Day! By: Difference (Aka: James Kelly)

To: Mom
-A Mothers love-
A Mothers Love pure and sweet, she’ll be there to console you, when you go through defeat. She’s a caregiver, a teacher, a mentor, a friend. She’ll be there for you all the way to the end. She gave you life with your birth, then held your hand when you were hurt. A mothers love is like no other, she will be the one there over all the others. So this Mother’s Day I send out my love, to my mother, my hero who was sent from above.
Love: James Douglas
To: The rest of the world
On this mothers day I just want everyone to know how blesses they are to have a mother in their life. Through some of my reading “No Mud No Lotus”. I learned that in life to really have an appreciation or certain things, we would of had to go without them. So to really appreciate food, you would have had to starved at some point. To appreciate your freedom, you would have had to lost it. So don’t ever in your life take your mother for granted. If you have a mom, grandma, kids mom etc…in your life? Cherish them, treat them right, don’t take them for granted and let them know you love them and how special they are.
For the mothers. Just love your kids unconditionally. As humans we are bound to fail. But just love us no matter what. Whether its addiction, incarceration, both, unhealthy relationships. Just try to be there, care for us, love us and we’ll get through it together. Love has healing power for sure. A mothers love has supernatural healing power. I know this from experience.
I chose a lot of things in life over family and love. I went a long time without my mom do to my selfish choices. I’m not giving her up again. I’m getting better, healing, growing. Do to help from my mom. I have not only learned and grown. I have a new outlook, respect and admiration for females. I’m not perfect, but will do my best to look at, treat and be good to all females. Just as if they were my mother, my sister, my daughter.
Sincerely James Douglas

James Kelly
DOC #59979

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