Best Mommy Alive! by: Melvin Robertson

One of the most powerful and awe struck events in life for me is a woman having the ability to create and produce a life! Amazing. This says so much about a woman and more than enough of a reason to idolize them, protect them, cater to them, respect them and love them wholeheartedly. For without them there would be no me, you or them.

Not only is the birth aspect to be admired, but the instinctive role adopted by a woman to nurture, provide and care for that child is amazing as well! Do you realize how many women, especially single women, that get their children up every single morning, wash them, dress them, feed them; all before having to get themselves ready, and get them off to daycare or school? Then go work long hours, some cases having two jobs, before retrieving their children, rushing them off to some sort of sporting practice or a game, sit there to cheer them on, get them home, cook dinner, clean the house, start the laundry in between preparing the food, get them fed, showered, off to bed, finish cleaning, shower themselves, a quick call to a friend (can’t forget some gossip, lol) and fall fast asleep the moment their head touches the pillow knowing they’ll have to do the same thing over again in a matter of hours with No complaints! A lifestyle they’ll continue for years. That is the true definition of dedication and devotion. The true definition of a Super Mom.

If this is you, I tip my hat to you and want you to know I recognize! Thank you for being you, keep up the good work and enjoy your special day. You most certainly deserve it. And you all share the undisputed heavy weight title of the world….. Best Mommy Alive!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy Dearest. I love you!

Melvin Robertson
DOC #582196


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