Real talk by Maurice Watkins

I had a very interesting talk with with my daughters recently, I was basically telling them that even thought I wish they wouldn’t even think about a boyfriend; till they are 25 or better. The reality of the situation is, its gonna happen sooner or later I jus have to prepare them for possible situations. Manly never allow your mate to put there hands on you, under any circumstances PERIOD!, if someone you are with really cares for you they won’t want to inflict any type of pain. Also to save and invest there money and minds so if they are in a relationship and need an escape, they can depend on there self; rather stay in a relationship rather it be for financial or what ever the reason. I really enjoy my talks with my daughters, they are my princesses and I make sure I do my best to treat them as such; also it shows them what to look for later in life when they do start to date. Being a father is like magic and I’m so blessed to have my children, they are my strength, my air, my everything.

Maurice Watkins
DOC #737-382


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