Adam Hudson

*Winless Battle* by Adam Hudson

Today I write because i wake up every day fighting this constant battle w/in myself. I live in prison and spending at least the nest 15yrs here. But im struggling with having to eat and sleep amoung mice and roaches. Just yesterday i was in the chow hall and saw a roach that was laying on its back and was about 4 inches long. Then having to worrie about the c/o’s here jumping and beating up us inmates just cause we asked the wrong question and he was having a bad day, and that happends on a daily basices. And lot of times when we do go to chow to eat and if your block/dorm was last to eat and your last in line or next to last we get shorted on our meals cause their out of something and that is always. But to make it worse they dont even substute whatever their out of. I know i have done wrong and am paying for my crime but i am still a human being right. Oh and dont even think about aruging with the kitchen workers…that will cause the c/o’s to get in your face saying what ever sanities that fly of his or her toung and most of the time they cuff you up and you wont even get to eat that meal. So that is a battle it self, trying to get through the day w/o getting jumped by c/o’s and living wiht the filth here.
In most cases the inmates is the ones who you got to fear, but no not here at Lebanon. The corrections officers are the bad guys, you cant even go to them for help. Ive told them befor I have had homicidal thought of my celly and they only say ” well handle your situation the best you can and we will then do our job” What!!!! thats ludacrise right.
Well that enough for one day i think thanks for listening

Adam Cole Hudson #737.672
Po Box 56
Lebanon,Oh. 45036


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  1. Yes, prison is a societal punishment. But it’s not torture. It’s wrong on every level to abuse inmate’s basic human rights. It makes us all less than human for allowing it.


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