prison system

The System, by Shawn Williams

When you see a black journalist, black police officer, black detective, black chief of police, black mayor, black prosecutor, black lawyer, black judge, they are not seeking or exposing the truth. Soon as they receive those jobs we (black people) lose them. They no longer speak or care for us, they even adopt the racist white man’s way of looking at us and dealing with us. That good paying job is for their SILENCE to the wrong that is going on.
When a man or woman gets arrested for a crime the lawyer does everything in his or her power to make the defendant feel like he or she is in a no win situation. That, along with withholding information, and filling the defendant’s mind with lies, the defendant being very vulnerable and uneducated to the law, he or she leaves his or her life in the hands of the lawyer who basically helps the prosecutor send them to prison.
Because the public has been trained not to question laws, or legal prosedures, or even convictions, what I just said will be blamed on my bitterness and not my awareness. If you want to challenge anything I have said about the justice system, contact any of the men and women who were convicted and then years later found to be innocent. Years later a lawyer helps get that man or woman out of prison. The BIG question no one ever ask: WHAT WAS THE TRIAL LAWYER DOING? If this defendant was proven to be innocent how did they get convicted in the first place. I would ask you to get in touch with any of the wrongly convicted and ask them what kind of defence did they receive? Did a mostly white jury convict them? Did the lawyer tell them not to take the stand?
Check into what I have said about the system then get back with me. Also check into why the department of justice is not giving inmates that file for the freedom of information the paper work they request. In my next post I will point out specific cases that you can look into and see proof that the jury is part of this corrupt system also. Later.

Shawn Williams
DOC #374-023

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  1. It’s not just black people, although I do admit they get caught in it more than some others. The justice department says that 97% of the people in prison are there on plea bargains. That means the United States Constitution did not help them. They are of all races, in prison without the benefit of a trial. They were railroaded by highly-trained lawyers. Some committed crimes and some did not, but even those that did were not sentenced based on the real facts of the case because they didn’t get a trail; the real facts never came out in court. I would agree that black people seem to get hit the hardest with it, but brown people get it a lot, too, and , you know, anyone that wasn’t white and upscale enough to make massive bail and have very expensive lawyers for real trials. The system was built, from colonial days, rigged.


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