Marcus Henderson

R.I.P. KEVIN NILL by: Marcus Henderson

For my readers wondering who Kevin Nill is, he was a inmate who was locked up here at L.E.C.I (LEBANON CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION) here in Warren County!! He was 40 years of age, serving at 18 month sentence for domestic violence, expected to be released on May 24, 2018!!! He was found dead here the morning of April 23, 2018!! His death (according to our prison officials) has been ruled a homicide! His injurys according to the Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News were consistent with strangulation, and not hanging!!! What was found around his neck, is something that is not accessible to inmates…but rather C.O.’s!! Now this article was posted in a Associated Press Article (on April 26, 2018) available for all my readers to confirm…I feel the need to comment on this homicide because it is so much going on in this institution full of corruption that you guys will never hear about, because it constantly gets swept under the rug, or a blind eye gets turned, concerning health standards, inmate abuse, and misuse of authority!!! How does a institution that is labled as condemned, and has a big sign in the front when you enter that states “Drink The Water At Your Own Risk” continue to house inmates and be ran as a regular institution??? How does the usage of mase exceed what is used by the Maximum Security & Super Maximum Security Institutions (in the state of Ohio) by 200%?? How are C.O.’s allowed to bogart they way into the cells of inmates and beat them unmercifully (breaking jaws, crushing eye sockets, and causing concussions) for what a inmate believes, or for no reason at all!!! Why does our complaints and grievances go unanswered and unresponded to, when we follow the due process in filing them?? How are policiys put into effect that restricts our movement to Super Maximum Security status, without the approval or consent of our Central Office in Columbus, Ohio??? Then society wonders why inmates have such a high return rate, and how they become more hardened then they were before entry!!! It is because instead of rehabilitation, they teach us not to only hate, but that the system is just a fraternity of corrupt authorities that consider therselves to not only be superior (but also above the laws of society that we are all expected to live according too ) that have one to answer too, for the results of their actions!!! I ask you, is murder not enough??? How many more must die, before our voices are not only heard, but the officials in the position of power here, and the saftey conditions of our environment are thoroughly investigated??? Kevin Nill, is just one of many that has become a victim of the corruption that influence our prisons today….Dare we pray, that he be the last??? (On behalf of the inmates locked up here at Lebanon Correctional Institution, we offer our condolences to the family of Kevin Nill….)

Marcus Henderson
DOC #732-916

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  1. I agree. I’ve had the not so great opportunity to be inside Noble corrections and Lancaster Corrections. It’s all a joke. I was locked up with Kevin several times, he is from my town. The system is broke and will remain that way until the end.


  2. Wow, so sorry to hear about this. Any death in custody should be properly investigated. No one should die in the state’s hands. Sorry for this man’s loved ones.


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