Jeron Moore

(Queen by.Jeron Moore.)

Feeling like she entered the room of no return, walking on the plywood with history on her shoulders./ The Truth, would she believe if I told her?/ Bloodstream connected with Queens, just as sure and visible as the thickness in her jeans./ Wake up !, analyze what’s in your gene’s and daily fulfill all dreams./Success is better with a team, so here “I AM” with the naked Truth, walking and living proof!/Tapped into my bloodstream, living proof of a Awoken King/, not selling you a dream, just being the stream for you to sip from./ In the scriptures it says “I” or my rib is where you come from, but If I don’t properly lead, how can we ever become one?/ Blowing life into you with my words, anticipating a Rebirth./ No longer worried about what’s under your shirt or skirt, but really on making this work./ See it takes work, to have anything of worth./ Heaven lies at her feet, but if she never becomes meek, what’s to be gained awake will easily be lost as she lives asleep…

Jeron Moore
DOC #584340

Categories: Jeron Moore

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