Shawn Diaz


I have to start by saying that God is good.I’m really starting to enhance my spirituality even though coming to prison caused me to lack in faith.I blamed everyone else even God for my mistakes that caused me to be in prison. Now I’ll never justify my actions but I’m not guilty of the crimes they convicted me of.I’ve done things in life that I know for sure I got away with,but I realized now in my new faith in Christ that everyone has to answer for their wrong doings one day.I’m trully a much different person then I was before I came to prison.I now think before I react because my aggression was too strong for my own good.I was once shot up from living the gang life which now I have a pacemaker to keep me going. When I type this blog I’m honestly so greatful for a second chance at life because I know God is gonna free me once he’s ready for me to do whatever I’m called to do.I type to whomever reads this to NEVER!!! doubt the blessing we have to be created by such a marvelous God.I close to let you know that you’re in my daily prayers and God loves you as I do.

Shawn Diaz
DOC #473-104

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