Adam Hudson

*Surching For A Better Me* by Adam Hudson

When your in prison and serving a life sentance like myself, and you have nothing but family and witch soon they will pass on. Is it possible to really fo something good with yourself in life with the limited things avalable to you? Im looking for ways to do good, but not tomany ideas come to mind.
Thanks for listening.

Adam Cole Hudson #737.672
po box 56
Lebanon, Oh. 45036

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  1. I always think the best way to do good is first of all to be good. Too often we look outside ourselves, of course we are all conditioned to do this, but in doing so we miss the fundamental aspect of our being that which lies within! Getting to know ourselves from within is key to changing our outward reality.


  2. You can make a difference and live a purposeful and useful life no matter where you are. My father is elderly now, and he is in a wheelchair without much speech. He can’t really leave the house now unless he has is oxygen tank with him (not always practical) This is man who served in the air force in his youth, raised a family and worked his whole life. He now struggles with feeling his dependence on others, and a loss of dignity. For him, that wheelchair is kind of prison. The other day, my mum came in from doing the grocery shopping. He wheeled himself into the kitchen and struggled, but managed, to bring her a cup of coffee he made. His pride on delivering it and doing something nice for his wife….I had to turn my face to hide my tears. There is always a way to be a blessing and have hope- ask God to open your eyes and to speak to you. Your emotions, while powerful, are not who you are nor your life’s purpose. I will be praying for you, Adam.


  3. I don’t know if this is how we reply or not. I haven’t learned about that yet.

    What we have to do in life is look for opportunities to do good deeds, whether large or small, no matter where we find ourselves in life.

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