Tyreis Friend

Smiles, by Tyreis Friend

Smiles. They radiate rooms and gracefully take the means to resonate bloom. They’re contagious with their appearance of different flavors. They reside inside the heart and in faces of many neighbors. We all possess em, but some of us have trouble with the containment. For either we hold back from the cold acts of life, or we let em go with no control at the foot of entertainment. When I smile, my aim is to spread what I feel throughout the field of God’s wonderful garden. Soften what’s been hardened in all men. Not to emasculate, but to reactivate a power that has been given us from the beginning of time. Lets not lose sight of this true light that shines about this universe as if it had no sense of direction. Though a sense of happiness is captured when we inhale its scent of expression. I Love to smile, but I also its reflection.

We can never go wrong with a wholesome genuine smile. It’s an ancient remedy for curing a lot of our stresses and securing a lot of our blessings.

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975

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