Tyreis Friend

Response Ability, by Tyreis Friend

Even when your words go unheard, you never ignore me. Only the conditioned soul expects a certain response. I notice the variety and the surety you store in me. So, whenever I’m caught being objective I become subjected to the outer flourishings. And most are unpleasant. It seems that I do best when I do less. Without depleting ambition. Still completing the prescribed duties I’ve duly decided to become devoted to. Only to display responsibility in response to your spoken word. So poetic you are in your abstract approach when getting my attention. I am slowly adapting your ways. Establishing a more emphatic way to mention your work through the light of my days. Though when there’s shade amongst them, it only deepens the details of the sculpted moments. Which continues our conversation where you encourage me to enlighten an entire nation. Don’t worry, I’ll wake them.

They say it’s always better to respond than to react. Responding takes thought. And it’s always the thought that counts. We all have response ability. Let’s be responsible with it:-)

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975


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  1. We thank you very much! My son has unique talent and a great vision. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to share.


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