Shawn Diaz


First let me share with you a scripture from the bible to start this blog.Psalm 56:9 “When I cry unto Thee,then shall mine enemies turn back: I know,for God is for me,”
Here David is stating that when he is crying to God he knows that God will be with him and not for his enemies. We need to keep this scripture close to our hearts at all time.
When I walk to and from chow,to and from work, to and from the library, to and from wherever, I always hear about others doing this,getting away with that,extorting this guy,fighting that guy,or someone getting robbed.While I stay in prayers and try to keep God close to my heart,I can see him work in miraculous ways.Through our prayers,we can show our enemies who God really is.We see our enemies bow down before God and not realize that is what they are doing.As I walk the halls,I’m in constant prayer.Not just for me,but for my enemies as well.Knowing they are being looked after too gives me comfort.
The next time you find yourself praying for an enemy which I know is hard to do sometimes,keep in mind that God is for you and will show your enemy that He is Lord of all that is.We pray to keep ourselves safe,comforted,peaceful and full of God’s love.When you cry for help,always know He will never leave you alone.Remember, if God is for us,who could be against us.GOD BLESS!!!!!!
Jesus loves you as I do too!!!!!!

Shawn Diaz
DOC #473-104

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  1. Very thoughtful and insightful post. What strength it takes to earnestly pray for–not against–your enemies. Notice the difference between the devout man David and the Divine Man Jesus’ prayers. So much of the time, David prayed for his enemies demise, while Jesus prayed–yes, even, on the cross–Father forgive them for they know not what they do. The chasm between these prayers, both sincere and inspired. is infinite. Who else but God would turn the other cheek? Who else but God would be kind to those who spitefully use and abuse? Who else but God would pray for His murderers even as they are torturing and mocking? This spirituality is not of man. It is Divine.
    God’s Blessings.


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