Matthew Epperson

Dawn The Day Of by Matthew Epperson

What do some of your mornings consist of? Exercise? Sleeping in? Whatever you do, or are, in the mornings, remember this; it is the spark of your day. Sitting at my desk and writing this, I’m looking out my window as the sun rises in the east to set an ambient glow across the frost freckled grass. I’ve just finished my daily meditation and my first cup of coffee. I’m tinged with a healthy stress of the work I have to do today, but I begin, the stress will pass. I love mornings. They are solemn and quaint until either my bunky stirs, or the yard opens. I enjoy the solace. It is times like these that my creative thinking jingles to life and I can typically paint visual images in my mind. It is the light of my day and I have to fight against myself most every morning to enjoy it.

Oh yes. My body hates mornings. After breakfast, I get groggy and lazy. It is a battle I endure daily with the help of about two cups of coffee, but sometimes, to no avail. I’ll crawl back into the cozy sheets and lie awake, knowing that if I fall back asleep, I’ll ruin my morning; the rare time of silence. Yet, somedays I just don’t care and I sleep anyways, setting a mood for the remainder of sunlight where I get nothing done, and feel worthless. Why do I do this? I love mornings and I love working, but I’m naturally lazy. I just want things to fall into my lap with little to no strenuosness. I am a conundrum!

What about your mornings? What do you all do to stay motivated and jovial? Give me some feedback on my jpay account and maybe we can help each other out!

Go see something live!

Matthew Epperson
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  1. Mornings are not my best but I have to get up, so I do. I want to encourage you to fill your mind with the blessings of God. Don’t focus on your hardships, focus on His grace, mercy and others. One must be intentional to develop a relationship with another. Be intentional to deepen your relationship with the Holy Spirit who lives within you, who loves you and gave His life for you. By doing this every morning, will bless your day. I’m not saying your day will be perfect, but you will be amazed on what your mind focuses on when you focus on God your heavenly father.


  2. I love mornings. (This wasn’t always true.) Now that I’m older than 65, I feel more thankful to be awake and alive. This is enough motivation for a boost. That and coffee.


  3. I’m actually just testing if this is how to reply to your blog posts. I never did it before. I also do not like mornings, although I did do a 6:30 am recovery meeting for seven years, every single day, no holidays off.


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