Dominic Hendrix

“RELATIONSHIPS” by: Dominic Hendrix

Greetings, hello everyone. When you read this I hope and pray that you are having an inspired and blessed day.
I Truly believe that relationships are masterpieces, when each other’s basic needs are fulfilled and you are supportive of each other’s goals and dreams, they should balance themselves out. I feel that it is a mans job to make a woman feel special in an unspecial moment, to give understanding to her when she isn’t feeling at her best and find a way to comfort her. I think that men have really forgotten the fundamentals of being in a relationship. Women now days are independent. Women being independent does not equate to them not wanting to be wowed or talked to in a certain way. Society in general needs to take a step back and appreciate our women as a whole. Women are not meant to be the burden bearers of men. So why do men find the need to put so many different types of burdens on the women in our lives. The different types of burdens are seemingly endless but I will name you 2 right now. #1There is the burden of financial support. As a man if your biggest source of income is the money a women is sending you, then second guess yourself no more you are a burden to that women. Know that she has her own bills to pay before you came into the picture. #2 Then there is a such thing as being an emotional burden to her. That’s when you dump so much of your own poison on her that in turn it becomes hers. Be mindful, stop having so many issues and feeling the need to dump them on her. I am certain that she is going to already have enough of her own problems before getting to yours. We need to understand that women, especially the women in our lives don’t owe us anything. On the contrary, it is us that owe them. If you have a mother, grandmother, sister, wife, girlfriend or even just a friend that are riding this bid out with you, you owe them. They don’t even have to do this whole bid with you, the time they did do with you was enough. In some of their minds it is time that they feel they will never get back. Did you ever stop to think the reason they are no longer in your corner is because, you became too much of a burden to them. Despite their best efforts you came up short, you couldn’t and didn’t show her anything different. And if you are still fortunate enough to have a women in your corner, maybe you should try something new and lessen her load. Stop asking for money, learn how to live within your means. Try to miss a few commissary days, do it for her. Also try to find another outlet to spill all that emotional poison on. Because if it’s poison you don’t want them to consume it, do you. Learn to find different outlets to dump all that on. Maybe you can workout, play sports or see if you can talk to a psychologist or a counselor about what it is that you are dealing with. And if all else fails, give it to God, he always comes through. Learn how to lessen a women’s load and in turn you will find a women that looks up to you and respects you. Show her something new something she’s not used to. I’m always quoted saying, “Why try to fit in when I’m a standout”. There is a definite disconnect on how we treat our women. You wouldn’t let your mother be called a bitch, so stop calling other women bitches. We should all learn to appreciate our women a little more. Try to use a little more compassion when you are talking to a woman, regardless of who she is to you.
As mothers day is fast approaching I thought this was a good piece to submit. See I was forced to see through a woman’s eyes when I witnessed my mother hit rock bottom, brush herself off and raise 3 boys on her own. She opened my eyes to a lot of social injustices that women have to face on a daily, and she did it without telling me verbally. She showed me in her everyday life, all her struggles revealed. I was just so young that I could never really appreciate all that she sacrificed for me and my brothers. Now that I have grown up and matured I understand all that she has sacrificed for me and my brothers. She definitely taught me how to treat a woman, and she did it without telling me. So for that lesson that she never verbally taught I will always be thankful.
In closing I want to wish my mother and all the other Lady’s out there a Happy Mother Day, take care and have a blessed day.

Dominic Jesus Hendrix
DOC #1117227


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