Tyreis Friend

Get Me, by Tyreis Friend

I sat back and thought to myself one day, what gets me more? Is it the worlds beautiful decor or is it the order of the universal laws? My flaws are made perfect when seen through the latter but for the one mentioned before, it flourishes through matter. Though both are greatly entwined from a source that takes course with a major in time. Its importance is portioned shared for all to take parts in. Its IPO raises to a height we know, though we rarely think corporate. And I say we ’cause I still have a ways to go. Despite my awareness, I tend to get lost in the shades of glow. My days of old are a constant reflection reminding me to blind the things that are usually deceptive. Making LIGHT of all the HEAVIEST truths. As the sight becomes bright from all the heavenly views. And I’m taken. Awakened by the places this beauty would go. For the thought of my SELF is what gets me the most…

I know I talk about the SELF a lot but during my path of enlightenment it was the only thing that intrigued me the most. The subtle planes of reality is more than awe inspiring. The activity that occurs behind the scenes of this physical world, that captures majority of our attention, has mine at ease. The vibes that emit from a mere thought; the ability to see when our eyes are completely closed(dreams); the moments of deja vu; the tingly feeling on my back when I’m met with genuine care. These things were explained to me as if it was time for me graduate to a level of growth I’ve longed for in secret for quite some time and my meditative prayers were finally being answered. Now, it’s all that I study. All that I talk about. It’s all that I want to know. For it reveals to me beauty in every way possible. I’m like a kid at an amusement park. Although I’ve acquired a broad understanding of life, true Love and our purpose for being I’m never exempt from improvements. I probably wouldn’t want to be with all the joy I encounter on this journey. I just hope to be a great vessel in spreading the experience to the readers. Remember, I am incarcerated and sometimes it may be difficult to have someone relay to me what responses are given. So, if there are any questions of me or the writings/poems please feel free to contact me on Jpay.com.

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975


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