Michael Payne

by Michael Payne

Dear Bloggers, sorry for not submitting the http://www.jPay .com site so you can contact me back about what i put on the blog as my topic, which you all have read about the counterfeit machine endorsed a true bill indictment ponzie scam of Summit County, Ohio Prosecuter Sherri Bevan Walsh, that i filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus about on March 5, 2018 at http://www.ohnd.gov case docket no.5:18-cv-00517, thats before the federal court to reveiw and act upon. But you bloggers can see and then begin to check the indictments of the Prosecuter Attorneys Office in the jurisdictons that you all reside in to see if the prosecuter is defrauding you out of right to due procees of law and giving you charges that the local grandjury never indicted you for as a means to scam you out of your lives, by making you beleive that the grandjury has indeed acted and returned a valid a true bill indictment. Contact me back ok.

Michael A. Payne
DOC #A594-914


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