James DeWitt

BAD Decisions…the role they play (by James DeWitt)

Where do you get the best information about bad decisions? Answer: From those who have made them.
Bad decisions are time stamps. They highlight a specific place in time when you chose to do something, or say something that effects your life negatively in some fashion. You can’t really see how bad a decision is until the consequences of it hit you square in your mouth. Suddenly what seemed hidden from your eyes become so clear you could make a movie out of it. But what came of it? Was something added to you or was something taken away?
I have learned that there’s no written manual on how a person can learn something. Life lessons are learned on both types of decisions. If your decision is discovered to be good there are lessons that you gain from it, and if your decision is discovered to be bad there are lessons that you gain from it also. Even if you’re made aware of the consequences of a bad decision do you really understand the consequences or do you just posses the knowledge of them? Could your knowledge of them bring you to the same level of revealation and perception as those of the person haven gone through them? Absolutely not. What then do you say and do when teaching this matter.
The idea is to get young men in the practice of making good decisions. So much more time and money is invested in getting people to reverse bad choices then what’s spent on getting people to practice making good ones. Many people reach making good decisions after having made bad ones. We’ve all had our share in reaching where we are now. What’s the default and why? Are you spending enough time implementing exercises on making good decisions? From the voices of men in prison speaking back, many say they were never taught how to make good decisions they were just expected to make them. Add drugs and alcohol to the equation and you get why about 90% of the prison population is here.

James DeWitt
DOC #1007872

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