Melvin Robertson

A Message In A Bottle! by: Melvin Robertson

The internet is like a vast ocean of digital water. Emails, text and tweets are likened to messages in a bottle floating on top the oceans surface, but with a particular destination that is certain to eventually arrive in a matter of seconds. This message in a bottle doesn’t have a specific destination, because I’ve yet to meet the person that is my future best friend, lover, confidant and life long companion. Nevertheless, I’m 100% certain she is out there waiting for me. One day my digital bottles will float next to her cyber ship where she’ll know exactly where to find me and how long I’ve been awaiting our unification. So to you my love, I begin my trek in the form of messages in a digital bottle in hopes of reaching your delicate hands, for my words to be devoured by your lovely eyes, only to travel to your beautiful heart where the seeds of true love will sprout and compel you to think, feel and act upon a love that’s destined to be….

I’ll know exactly who you are my love. No need to question that. I’ll know because your actions to reach out to me alone only confirms that you accept me for who I am. You will know that I am a man that has made mistakes in life, paid dearly, but has learned from life lessons. A man that understands just how precious life is and is worthy of the kind of love that only you can provide. More importantly, having the ability to reciprocate the very love you bestow upon me. A man that understands the degree of courage it takes not to concern yourself with what others think or say. The strength you must summon as a virtuous woman for you to open the door in order to love and be loved, because I know you love hard and so tired of being hurt. A man that knows you aren’t taking any crap and will not settle for anything less than you deserve. A man, that with each beat of his heart, will serve you, protect you, understand you, compromise with you, grow with you, accept you for you, love you unconditionally and never hurt you as we share the remainder of our lives in peace and harmony. A man that shows how much he appreciates every fiber or your being.

One thing I want to share with you before hand is that for my entire life I’ve been struggling with my spiritual walk. Lately I’ve taken steps to enhance my spirituality and gain insight into my spiritual journey. A journey I’m sure you won’t mind assisting and supporting me with. I’d like that very much.

Until we find each other I purpose in my heart to send a digital bottle from time to time. One will lead you to all the rest. The rest leads US to infinity and beyond….

Melvin Robertson
DOC #582196


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