Jeron Moore

(4 Wall Destruction by Jeron Moore.)

Placed in an unfavourable environment, how are you ever to grow and remain untainted by conditions pre-painted./ When a mind is lost and in the dark, every moment is a moment to self destruct. Psychologically beat to look down, who would’ve ever thought to look up?, or even in; Not what you had or where you’ve been, but knowing who you are will comfort in this life to win!/ See in those times learning was a sin, bellow men but above apes was how they described our men./ so again, how can you ever grow remain untainted in these conditions pre-painted?/ We must thoroughly look back to properly move forward, we must analyze those examples from the past if we want to break the curse./ We must knock the walls of destruction down or as planned things will get worse./ The dark flees where light begins, the light of truth will give a man mixed emotions./ No longer coasting, but assiduously living with a purpose/, because not breaking the 4 walls, presupposes, /self-desruction from within….

Jeron Moore
DOC #584340

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