V-Vasean Wright

Sowing my problems by VVasean Wright

Why do people open there eyes to Death and Close there eyes to Life Everyday?!

“What things you desire, when you pray,believe that you will receive them,and you shall have them.”
I know that a problem has its solution within it in the form of a desire.The realization of my desire is good.I know and believe that the creative power within me has the absolute power to bring forth that which I deeply desire.
The principle which gave me desire is the principle which gives it birth.There is no doubt in my mental about this.
I now ride the spirit of God moving upon the waters of my mind.I take my attention away from the problem and dwell upon the reality of the fulfilled desire.
I am using the law now;I assume the feeling that my prayer is answered.
I make it real by feeling the reality of it.In Him I Live,Move,and have my being; I live in this and I am Greatful.Amen.

No matter what you are going through keep the respect for people and yourself.Everything in the sky drops. Even the farthest star drop.Everybody needs a strong foundation, why not spread across the bottom and provide a strong foundation, Cause everyone on the bottom ain’t always doing bad.

If you want to respond,you can write me either on paper/or Jpay. com E-mail sign up and enter your name to my J-pay .com account. And send me your E-mail address,so I can send you an invite or my address is A663-966 VVasean Wright/Trumbell Correction/P.O.Box 901/Leavittsburg,Ohio 44430-0901

VVasean Wright
DOC #A663-966

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