(Love is the Strongest Force in the universe!) By Travis Tucker (Alpha Omega)

My people suffer from self hate,we see nothing about ourselves to love…from the first breath of air we take and the moment we open our eye’s we’re being introduced to cancer in some shape or form…The cancer in most cases don’t come from a atmosphere of nicotine moreover a atmosphere of ignorance and cancerous way of thinking.All the image’s we implant in our children mind’s are programs that pro-gram them to look up to other race’s as beautiful,courageous,loving peoples. In most cases the African male/female images are either degrading,genocidal,or disfigured images of black babies starving to death painting Africa as a toxic virus that we should stay away from…And our parents further the psychological damage that has been passed through the 46 chromosome’s to the child by creating a chaotic environment arguing and fighting and imitating this soap oprea reality of love they get from these programs,(What love is not?)Walking around holding hands kissing each other every 5 minutes, baby I love you!(What love is?)Love is struggle, love is a mother almost dieing to give birth to her child,Love is getting up early in the morning in rain,sleet,hail,snow to make away to provide for your love one’s, love is sacrifice love is shutting the F up and listening to your partner communicate there inner most feelings as a sense of healing,In the bible it says some may die that other’s may live…This scripture is talking about that old bad habits must die so that new talents can flourish.When one loves his or her self this mentality creates a reality that I am my brother I am my sister,you start to see the good or God in all thing’s. This is a reality only when we start to educate our children and giving them a image to believe in and see they self in…Let’s change the channel I.e vision of what society is programming in our minds and replace these shows with beautiful images of ourselves and no more (boys in the hood)(menace to society)(set it off)etc…Let’s also remove the image’s of Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus,Moses all these men looks like there people.So our god should look just like us.We are the very first in existence.And mothers and fathers of civilization…J-Z the rapper said (scarface the movie did more than scarface the rapper to me…)draw what you may from that line,those who have eye’s let him see…this mentality of gangsterism wasn’t one that was organic it was created in the mind’s of the African Americans. We had no knowledge of being gangsters or pimps.This is the Italian mobb style culture… In order to wage a war one of the first tactics nation’s employ is to assassinate your character…the image of the african american male and female was assassinated and recreated as a thug/gangster for this modern day prison’s/plantations or economy… 31 then what happened?then they imprisoned us (I told you he was a animal)…This is dedicated to all women,especially my daughter and black women…Love your self,your natural self.Black is beautiful period, Everything that you see and hear was spun out of the triple stages of darkness into light.That beauty comes from within you have the most exotic hair ever created by way of nature it’s repulsive and attracts energy I.e vitamins from the sun.Only the oceans can mirror your beauty and intelligence you are a goddess I laugh when my comrade’s say they got a bad b or they girl a dime because I know beauty isn’t a face nor shape it’s a aura or vibe that expresses one’s inner self the beauty they long for is of this world (flesh) Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world!!!Peace To Man,Woman,and Child!

Travis Tucker #1091722
Nottoway corr center
burkeville,va 23922
p.o box 488


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