Shon Hickenbottom


Time plus pleasure gives me this opportunity to present this missive to you since my current location isn’t sufficient enough to come to you in the manner that would be most proper, which is face to face. However, i do thank the ” LORD ” above for blessing me with understanding to convert from a verbal comversation to an written one. First of all, my name is Shon Hickenbottom, im 47-years young. Came in 2004 and prayerfully will be leaving here in the next year or two. I’m very open minded, love to read, write, and study. Can cook and love to uplift people who are feeling down. One of my geatest gifts is creating poems. I’ll put some of them in a blog in the future. But today i want to speak on the disease mindset of so many people. Contact info. P.o box 901 leavittsburg, ohio 44430

DOC #470-927


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