Leroy Moore

Introducing Leroy Moore

My name is Leroy Moore #730-050 Im in leci for some things I did in my life that im no longer apart of….I wanted the ask yall why do we do the things we do…?Is it the rush of getting away,Or is it the fact that the people who look up to yu need yu the risk it all the insure they eat… If yu ask a person what Loyalty means to them you’ll get diffrent answers…But how could one word mean so many things…? Im 26 in on june 9th ill be 27 im old enough the know rite from wrong..I will be release in 20-20 if I dont go to the half-way house next year…Im going to make better choices for my child in my freedom…Anybody can do something wrong but to own up to it in the actions that come with is what helps you grow…I wanna know if yall can tell me how can a person be loyal to something a person give them in not them…Is it rite the say they wrong for trying the gain while saying love for lust……..Mr.Lee… Lets talk real life only…Thanks for reading…

Leroy Moore
DOC #730-050


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