Harold Pepper

Introducing Harold Pepper

In The Name Of Allah I greet u.
with our Universal Greeting of


What an honor it is for me to be able to introduce myself to u. I’am very excited to embark on this journey with u. And most eagered to build with u.And for u.To build with me through my mostt righteous blogs which will come in due time but first please allow for me to introduce myself.My Honorable name is Harold L. Pepper Jr. but my most righteous name is Master Divine Allah. you may call me any of those given names above,Iam a 24 years old blackman and my true way of life is ISLAM, I,SELF,LORD,AND,MASTER iam an sincere adherent to the Nation Of Gods and Earths some may know us as the Five Percenters.And the founder of the Nation Of Gods and Earths is a man name “Allah,”Also i will tell you of the man name Allah and the Nation Of Gods And Earths in due time which i truly “love and will go through to make right if ever wrong” I’am from the city of Canton,Ohio where i was raised and grew up in a loving foster home, also iam a high school graduate and graduated from Massillon Senior High. c/o “2012” GO TIGERS.! I have a verybeautifully gorgeous babygirl and she’s my sole purpose and inspiration in this universe I owe my whole existence to that little girl.Im the year of 2014 i was arrested and convicted of aggrevated robbery and aggrevated burglary and was sentence to (4) years of prison incarceration.On Oct. 10 2014 I was handed pver to the department of corrections I will be releashed from that same department on July 2,2018 so as of currently I have 69 days left in this evil place and i cannot wait till i’am free so i can expose this department for what it truly is all over the nation “the new jim crow” but most importantly so i can spend much needed time with mybabygirl and be a father to her. well untill next time my friends”ALWAYS STRIVE FOR PEACE”
contac: p.o box 56

Harold L. Pepper
DOC #a661675

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