Shon Hickenbottom

” Disease minds of people in this society ” by SHON HICKENBOTTOM!

Here it is 2018 and i can’t believe the ill feelings individuals still have twords other people life styles. I mean, if it doesn’t effect you directly, and you don’t have nothing nice to say then, why say anything at all! Im speaking about religion, sex, the L,b,g,t,q community, and race. Damn, again,2018 and we are still having problems with how other want to live their lives. Why can’t people mind their own business. Im in prison trying to be proven innocent for a crime that i didn’t commit. And i am very hopeful because im innocent. But behind these walls, you have so many want to bees that it don’t make sense. You have so many males that will hold that title for the rest of their live. They are not trying to grow. And you have a bunch of older males who grab hold of these younger males and give them falsehood. The older male gangmembers are teaching them how to be more of a thug, than more of man. But in truth, how can they teach what they don’t know, or under- stand? I guess that’s where the few of us that do understand have to try
an reach the ones that don’t. And for the people who read this, i promise you, it’s a rough job.

People call themselves religious, but most of them do the devil’s work. And alot of the guys that’s against the L, B, G, T, Q community, are the ones deep down inside want to participate. They are just afraid of what their so called friends would think of them. And that goes for the black and white racist in this world as well. I hate being around negative people, and that is why im sending this blog out To see if there’s anyone out there who feel like i do. Is there anyone who feel like ” RODNEY KING ” ….. Can we all just get alone? I don’t believe every one have a disease mind, it’s just far too many in this society that does.

DOC #470-927


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