Mwaniki Johnson

by Mwaniki Johnson

How Important is “Me”
So, So serious Am “I”
How important are “You”
To a “Me”
Like the buzzin bee
With a bird and cherry tree
“Me” can see “You”
Like no other
Creation of “Us” is
Intertwined like Nations of
Administrated Vibrations
That will Birth International relations of
Worldly Inspirations of “We”
“2” is not “3”
But “Me”
Is not “3”
I still see “Me”
Justified to testify
Why can’t “Me”
See “You”
With Chemistries of Humanities
Dynamically sharing each other
Despite the cover of
Professions just addressing
Everyday lesson’s with no conjestions
See “Me”
Was built on structures of
Infinite elevation
Facing Face-less negative notations of
Past historical motives
To make “Me”
Understanding Why “You” are “Me”
And “Me” are “We”
So how Important is “Me” ?
(Author Mwaniki Malik Jamal Johnson)
“Dedicated to the C/O with a career in criminal justice”
How can I escape
But continue to face
Extreme hellashish
Conversations of
“Bitch this” “Hoe that”
For no lessons
No Regression
Through manic depression
Never yet did I
Think I’ve done wrong
Cause harm
Made my time valuable
For a matter that’s valuable to
Corporations of Corporate America
See jail was a cell
No Fail was “I”
To see failures of extreme measures
But yet I continue to
A wasteless taste-less environment
Not knowing I was only hired
To keep the rich higher than me
In my own secured enviroment
Correct the Un-Corrected
But continue to swallow
Miles of Foul Triffling Mouths
Of desperate individuals
With no mind to respect
Was “I” the criminal
See Money can’t buy me
To deal with their protection
When I see
Possibilities of opportunities
For me
Not to be protected by my own land security
Prison is thee biggest business
In industries of
Counties upon Counties
Of failed
States upon States
In America we Say
“Home of the Free” “Land of the Brave”
(Author Mwaniki Malik Jamal Johnson)
“Dedicated to the C/O with the career in criminal justice”

Mwaniki Johnson
DOC #449-541

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