Matthew Shepherd

by Matthew Shepherd

A lots happened since my last post. First I’m a grandfather now to a beautiful teenie tiny 1 pound 11 inch baby girl! She’s adorable! My daughter was having complications and after they did all they could the doctor decided to do an emergency C-section. I’m happy to say my daughter is doing well and my granddaughter is doing well also. She’s gaining weight and progressing the way she should. It was scary not knowing, and being here not able to do anything or be there to comfort. I sympathize with people locked up that have things happen to their family and friends. You can’t do anything. You feel helpless. I can’t wait until I can have control of my life again.

Matthew Shepherd
DOC #1117588

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  1. Aww, congratulations Grandpa! You may not be there for this moment, but you’ll be there when she’s older to remember you spending time with her.


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