Eddie Smith

Blog: Part 4 by Eddie Smith

So, I’ve received no help and for life safety reasons I have been forced to refuse to be housed in general population and have been in [LPH] Limited Privilege Houseing where for 7 long months I have went to sleep HUNGRY, COLD and THIRSTY. Many of the cells are CONDEMNED as well as the prison. The cells have BROKEN WINDOWS that are wide open and even the cells that are not occupied the windows are wide open. This is part of tthe TORTURE to FREEZE YOU OUT. The WATER in the cells are NOT DRINKABLE, taste nasty and you may end up with a cup FULL of ROACH BABIES or EGGS. We have to drink as much water as possible when we go to chow. We get 3 minutes to eat if we get to eat, cause asking food service for a salt packet will get your tray SLAPPED out your hand and SENT BACK TO THE BLOCK cause, they will DENY you a MEAL and you will starve that night cause, LPH is not allowed to order any food items. They abuse and play with human life like it’s a game, they PUSH and PUSH until youv’e had enought and began to fight back. Thats when THEY BEAT YOU within an INCH OF YOUR LIFE and stand around praising one another for how they did you. This is how easily we condemn people in this country and the injustice we create when we alllow fear, anger, and distance to shape the way we treat the most vulnerable among us. Fear and anger can make us vindictive and abusive, unjust and unfair, until we all suffer from the absence of CLEMENCY and we CONDEMN ourselves as much as we VICTIMIZE otthers. Although I have been condemned to this UNIMAGINABLE PAINFUL SPACE and yet still countinue to ahow that I have TREMENDOUSE COURAGE and GRACE, knowing that these ”ARIAN WHITES” wish to ATTEMPT to ASSASSINATE me for EXPOSEING the trust. Alot will remain UNSAID due to the length of this blog but, it will be brought back up cause they will ATTEMPT to QUIET me and maybe shut down the J-PAY on me. So, I ask all who may VIEW this blog in the FREEWORLD for your ASSISTANCE in the form of an EMAIL requesting an IMMEDIATE TRANSFER on my behalf. All the SUPPORT YOU CAN GIVE IS GREATELY APPRECIATED. Central Office knows whats going on and the Director Gary Mohr continues to pass it on to others in positon. Every LETTER I send them is forwarded back to the onstitution for it to be handled here well, we see how that gets taken care of. The longer I sit in the SOUTH/WEST REGION it gives them the OPPORTUNITY to RETALIATE by sending thier racist friends to do their dirt. In requesting this IMMEDIATE TRANSFER, I ask that you request that I be MOVEDout of the REGION. ”PRISONERS SHALL BE ALLOCATED TO THE EXTENT POSSIBLE, TO PRISONS CLOSE TO THEIR GOMES OR THE PLACES OF SOCIAL REHABILITATION”. I ask that you send 2 Emails a day requesting this transfer to the Direstor and the Chief Inspector. Gary Mohr-Director gary.mohr@odrc.state.oh.us Roger Wulson-Chief Inspector roger.wilson@odrc.state.oh.us Thank You well in advance. I will be writting the CUVUL RIGHTS COMMISSION/The ATTIRNEY GENERAL/OHIO ETHICS COMMISSION

Eddie Smith
DOC #311-199

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