Lawrence Williams

“The Cost Of A 2nd Chance”, by Lawrence D. Williams

Have the lord ever blessed you with something unexpectedly and you managed to somehow fuck it up? Here in prison unfortunately I have moer time on my hands than i would like, and because of it i watch alot of t.v. and do alot of reading. And im always seeing, hearing and reading those stories about athletes, musicians, actors and even regular people who money and fame came to them unexpectedly only to squander it all away. I even recently saw a story of a hard working man who found a bag of money with something close to 100 thousand dollars in it and turned it all in to police only to recieve a metal. When i see and hear of these stories i always find myself saying “look at these stupid motherfucka’s, if that would’ve been me i would’ve did this and did that. But the truth is, Ive been blessed with money, opportunities and even some really good people in my life, and guess what, Yup! i fucked it all up. All of us have been down this road before. So what is the cost of a 2nd chance? From my experience of fucking up good things in my past, it seems that when you do not appreciate, value and take advantage of those opportunities, your put on punishment for what seems like forever and your next blessing won’t just be given to you for free! In fact, you will have to pay full price because unlike before, this time there will be a human responsibility required in your next miracle. Iv’e learned this the hard way and even given this human responsibility a name. It’s what I call “Sweat Equity”. Your gonna’ have to suffer, pray, sacrafice and work your ass off for who knows how long, so that when your given a 2nd chance you’ll do more than appreciate it. “It cost to make a comeback”. Take it from someone who after 17 years is still paying the price.

Lawrence D. Williams
DOC #438-334

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  1. At different levels, we are often guilty of blowing it, right? Sometimes I believe that when a person has been beaten down by life, abuse, addiction, greed, really anything, we become numb. And when the good comes along, we walk around waiting for the shoe to drop or the rug to be pulled out from under us, we don’t know how to appreciate the good. Guilty, I am. I have learned through therapy and faith how to truly see the good, recognize and step away from the bad; and to live in gratitude for it all. Prayers lifted up for you!


  2. If our Lord wanted to you fail, you’d fail, and vice versa. So, in a sense, if it is by His Divine Will for your success, there will be none to stop you. Still, pray & ask for His everlasting light to illuminate whichever journey that has been chosen for you.

    Peace Be With You.

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