David Hosley Jr.

Tell Me Why by David Hosley

Frustration is a constant, it gets to be such a nuisance that it clouds my judgement if I am not weary enough and able to recognize it. Every program that we get is used as a weapon against us. The right to go to school, to go to church, to have visitors, to write, to watch movies, even the right to feel the sun shine on my skin. They all end up being weapons of punishment. None of the programs are ours. Everything is treated as a privelage that can be takin away from us. The result is insecurity, a frustration that keeps eating away at me.
I see habitual behaviors, habits formed over such long periods of time that upon release, if it ever comes for some men, the mind will be so confused and chaotic that it will only add to the recidivism rate. The monotony of my life is so destructive that I am tired even on the day that ive done absolutely nothing all throughout the day. How can “the man” possibly expect rehabilitation in such a place ? I pay for the shortcomings of others, I am encaged and treated as an animal and released, at such time I’m expected to remain calm, cool, and collected. How can “the man” possibly expect rehabilitation in such a place ?


David Hosley Jr.
DOC #1701222


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