Tyreis Friend

In Tuned, by Tyreis Friend

I’m enlightened through the height of tunes that’s played by those around. They’re sharp with harps that tickle the heart and dance with the soul of sound. I am bound by freedom that’s found in leaders who march and guide the lost. Who often stray with a cost to pay by the ways of mindless thoughts. I’m inspired by higher truths but humbled by subtle moods. That moves me in a way to soothe me to a state beyond the city limits. No heavy activity. For its energy has a calm and easy spirit. I spill it all over the colder side of me until it’s heated up enough to boldly grow inside of me. As I achieve the goals that I’ve longed for my soul to try and reach. I speak when spoken to by the one who formed the words. And what is asked of me I will actively respond through nouns and verbs. Never altering the subject. It would defeat the purpose, which is right and perfect. For He knows what we all Love best.

Tyreis Friend
DOC #453-975


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