Travis Tucker

(A full grown original man is so powerful he can bring light out of darkness!)~I AM~By Travis Tucker (Alpha Omega)

What I am about to reveal is absolute power!!!Keep in mind our duty as poor righteous teacher’s is to teach the truth not conceal it,however there’s always been a order in which higher degrees of learning was giving for the mere fact that knowledge in the hands of a just person could save the world but in the hands of a mad man could scorch the earth!This blunt reminder is in the book of Matthews in the new testament and I qoute…Ye not cast your Jewel’s amongst swine…In ancient time a pig is considered to be a poisonous fealthy animal that consumes anything in his proximity!!!liking modern day man to a pig that has developed these characteristics.It takes light approximately 8 minutes 20 second’s to reach earth the exact same time it takes the heart to pump blood throughout all the major arteries of the body,keep in mind the body is a temple that harnesses God or Allah creative breath in a form of concentrated pure dark energy which focal point is the base of the spine that oscillates back in forth to different complex part’s of the brain.The same way the temple’s in Giza are still misunderstood is the same way the human body is still misunderstood… luminous Christ (Ray’s of light pouring from the healer’s finger tips)when one closely examines the universe the different sparrows galaxies exist in the patterns of sparrows in which the planets orbit the sun all the way to the 360 wave pattern in our scalps…when one looks closely the same pattern of the universe is present on your fingertips!!! The endocrine system is one of the most fascinating systems of the entire body,your testicles which is apart of the endocrine system after long stints of abstinence I.e away from sexual activities your creative life energy (sperm) will travel ^ up through the endocrine system until it reaches the penal gland in the brain and it refines I.e bathes the brain and activates I.e charge 12 neurons site’s and gives way to clairvoyance,telepathy.I was once engaged in a game of chess and happened to notice how easy I was seeing the board and my opponent moves he was on average good player I was beating him effortlessly and couldn’t grasp why.On another occasion I was at my cell door,and female correctional officer’s would just stop there at my door.The harnessing of the sperm was turning me into a magnet literally.Your body basically repels and attract like a magnet keep in mind that we are a microcosm of the cosmos the earth and the sun have attracting powers over one another and so do man and woman!your sperm is a specialized cell of intelligence if your conscious then you know you don’t have to tell the sperm cell where to go it consciously finds its way to the egg on it’s own.When one grasp this concept he or she will see/Cee sex and the media in a different light society promotes sex,food,alcohol, and Christianity more then education,Also as a means to control when you see the word court what do you see???I see C-OUR-T the t is symbolic to the cross that Jesus was hung and castrated on this same science is being used today to control I.e facilitate the procreation of the original black people These same authority figures gives oaths with there right hand on the bible which preaches thou shall not kill and commit 1st degree premeditated murder by way execution!!!back to the subject matter,Back in biblical time’s it was common for people to castrate themselves or go on stints reframing from sexual activities, When Jesus fast for forty days and night’s and was tested by Satan who do you think Satan was?And what type of fast do you think he was on?I only can share things that I experienced first hand,I once couldn’t control my sexual desires and I felt like I was becoming a slave to my lower self until I start experiencing meditation stillness of the mind my mantra is (as in heaven shall be on earth) which I interpret as that which I see in the mind I shall see In the flesh…Mind makes matter the more emotion you give the thought the faster the thought materialize emotion is like adding fuel to a car but don’t be emotional when trying to create when your emotional your actions are controlling you.We are connected with the natural universe it bends to our will,the well trained mind we creating events consciously and unconsciously throughout the cosmos. there is no separation everything is one!We create our own realities,we are the controllers of our own destiny knowledge gives us the ability to choose which path we want to take.It’s customary in India for the child to leave I.e abandon his love one’s wealth,clothes,siblings and travel the world embarking on his or her own path…what happen to the people of sumer?the old man asked,ah…(they lost they language so they disappeared!!!)(Im dark 4 times 4 and its a mind war,you was born to be a god why you living blind for?)Travel in harmony and maintain through this slavery our children is the future, he who masters the past controls the present and he who controls the present holds the keys to the future!!!In a time of universal deceit,telling the truth is a revolutionary act!I write book’s, poetry, lyrics..etc,special shout out to my son deshawn stay in the gym if you can conceive it than you can achieve it,don’t limit your self to being just a basketball player because you can own a team!Also Ms.Jennings, you are a beacon of light,thank you for allowing me the platform to do what I never knew I could do,I look to connect with great mind’s and sow the seeds of unity and freedom of the mind and abolish the new prison plantations…-One=God!

Travis Tucker #1091722
Nottoway corr center 488
burkeville,va 23922

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