Uncommon Allah

The things that are on my mind today. by Uncommon Reality Allah

PEACE everybody!. Everything is up close and personal with me now a day, because it’s for my own good, that I should believe. If not taken for what it is,the same thing(s) will continue to happen to me over and over again. Until I take the initiative and do what I need to do for self,and others that I care so much about. This is how a change is brought about,more quickly. Once a person is on the plane of realization, only from there can they realize that they’re the sole controller of their own destiny. Everyday behind these prison walls it’s a show and prove,regardless to whom or what. Which only mirrors who you are and the power you possess within, in return, is your justice. I’m the most appreciative,grateful and thankful for the brothers that I have in here with me,honestly, I can’t even say where would I be right now without them. Through prayer, meditation, focusing, concentration, fasting, willing, and summoning those positive thoughts into existence, all is possible. That’s the science. Right now,I’m where I need to be,not where I want to be. I said that to say this, not consciously aware we can drive our reality in a direction that’s not the best of our interest. Now,after the realization kicks in,from there we can make adjustments and a difference. Then we’ll know, and not let it happen to ourselves again. Born.Universal.Truth(B.U.T),I’m taking advantage of my incarceration this time,in order to change and better myself as a person,in general. Struggle is ordained, and through it only then will we come out right and exact. Take the time and build with other brothers and sisters, each one teach one,only from there will we see/cee growth and development, elevation, progress, etc.etc.,and it’s the most therapeutic. I leave you the same way I came,in PEACE.

True and Living,

Uncommon Reality Allah
DOC #1043719


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