Matthew Epperson

Continuance In Creativity by Matthew Epperson

Where does creativity come from? As a musician/author I’m constantly brainstorming ideas or shaping up something I’ve “put down” in hopes that others will feel the same way I do. True, I get a little over excited and too zealous, but it’s my creation, why wouldn’t I?

My dad told me once, “Son, don’t be so extreme.”

First off, I love my dad immensely and respect what he says. I’m blessed to have a dad like him, but he can be out of touch. He was a computer programmer and code writer for 20 years, so he definitely has the capability of understanding over zealousness for his work, but he’s just stoic in his emotions. I think that if he didn’t choose to be so reserved in his creations there might’ve been a bit more fruit to his labour, but it’s just my thoughts.

I’m going to keep on being quirky, loud, and obnoxious about things I’ve done… In moderation and modestly as possible of course. I heard in the past that good music/art/literature will speak for itself… Who the hell said that? I highly doubt that a piece of art stowed away and never publicized would ever get the recognition it deserves. I, however, will keep on talking about it and unapologetically promote my music/literature… Why? BECAUSE IT’S DAMN GOOD, and I believe all of you will enjoy it wonderfully! =) I just wish you all could hear the songs I’ve written, but I guess you will have to build an opinion based on the books I write. I know that if you like the books, you will like the music.

In August I’ll have 9 years flat left. So hold on folks, I’m coming home.

Matthew Epperson
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  1. Creativity for me is a funny thing. When I create music, or art, ( carving) it comes in waves. If I force it I can’t come up with anything. When it come its like a rush I can hardly keep up with.


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