Eric Hendon

by Eric Hendon

greetings fellow blogging viewers. A thought just occurred to me that I would like to share with y’all . recently I was engaged in a what I would refer to as a frivolous conversation with an complete idiot. I should have aborted conversation when he expressed to me that he looked forward to applying to trump university upon his release. but I decided to give him the benefit of doubt.until he dropped a bombshell on me.he honestly was under the impression that Mt Everest is the mountain that expands from West Virginia to New York.WTF seriously. i came so close to hitting him with a crispy 3 piece without the biscuit.but like always jesus took the wheel.I was positive that he was referring to the app.Mt an perhaps he was joking.but like all idiots he insisted that he was correct .so of course I wagered a bet obviously winning.however the moral of this story was not sololy to point out the results that comes from the lack of funding for our public school systems or the lack of actual rehabilitation but more importantly the allusion that inmates find themselves projecting to others in here and out their in society that they’ve somehow obtained a certain level of intellectual superiority with them assuming they know everything because they finally know how to utilize words in its proper there’s always exceptions but for the most part I’ve noticed it to be nothing more then a penitenitary trend .not to completely take away from the fact that individuals are learning. they’re just not learning in a way that’s beneficial to them after there release,because there not applying any of it when it really counts and if they do its only temporary until adversity arise then they’re back to resorting to old habits.I believe in striving to redeem yourself after you’ve caused a great deal of damage especially with how people may view you.on the other hand true authenticity is diluted when ones primary focus is geared towards trying to appease others not to mention time eventually exposes the truth why do my peers waste time trying to craft this factious image.I’m just curious where it derive from or is it simply human nature,I wonder.

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