Eddie Smith

Blog: Part 3 by Eddie Smith

All this goes out the window,Leci does as it pleases and retaliation is the way and the law; Through all of this violence and negativity, many search for an unusual type of hope, the kind that creates a willingness to position ones self in a despairing place and be a witness, that allows one to have faith in a better tomorrow, even in the face of CORRUPTION and ABUSIVE POWER. Myself and many others have suffered SIGNIFCANT EMOTIONAL DISTRESS and humiliation due to the mistreatment. I’ve been a witness to alot of abuse, I’ve seen inmates with epilepsy and seizures disordes get maced and beaten by guards while convulsing. It is EXHAUSTING to witness the LACK of COMPASSION day in and day out and to know that, these people get paid to lie, degrade and abuse other humans beings. I’ve been told personally to “fight or stab, do whatever to protect yourself” as well as “the only help you’ll get is when your blood spills.” I’ve been THREATENED, HARRASSED in every way which was retaliation for a sexual assault i placed on my case manager. All this lead up to a HIT on me produced and manufactured by the same corrupt officer and staff who told me to ” fight or stab.” I’ve written central office and complained about this for (7) long months, I told them that this WARDEN WILL BE THE CAUSE OF AN INMATE AS WELL AS AN OFFICERS DEATH. This is the same Administration that brought “CASEY PIGGE” to do his worse deeds, they made him the killer he is today regardless of what he did to receive life in prison. For (7) long months, I’ve SUFFERED PATIENTLY witthout YELDING through DEPLORBLE CONDITIONS, NEGLECT, HARASSMENT, RACIAL DIISCRIMINATION, THREATS OF BODILY HARM and it’s all been reported to central office who seem to want me to do as this Administration want’s me to do “KILL OR BE KILLED” cause, the only thing LeCI respects is DISRESPECT AND VIOLENCE and they promote that to the FULLEST.

DOC #311-199

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