Stephen Newman

A Video from Anja by Stephen Newman

Hi everyone. Bad news — my old tablet, where I wrote all of my blogs — broke. I’ve purchased a new one, but we all know what to expect with JPay’s “famous” customer service. It might be a month until I’m back in full force.

For now, I can write quick updates from the kiosk in the dayroom. But in the meantime, Anja wanted to say hi to all of you. She has made a video she wanted me to share on InmateBlogger. She’s talking about me, us…honestly I’m really nervous sharing this because I have NO idea what she said! But she has helped me so much and I thought it was fair to give her some time in the spotlight.

Now you can all put a face and voice to the name.

Her video is:

I hope it works. Please leave comments and I’m sure Anja will read them.

If anyone wants to snail mail, my address is:

Steve Newman #90843
ICIO – B2-B20B
381 W. Hospital Dr.
Orofino, ID 83544

Have a great week, everyone.

Stephen Newman
DOC #90843


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  1. Aww, so nice to see the lovely Anja! Anja, I’ve been to Slovenia (I’m Scottish). It’s beautiful and the people were wonderful. Your English is excellent, you should never apologise for it! ps, I like your t-shirt. I have a cat on my knee right now.


    • thank you so much, im so happy that i got at least one reply!!! and i have two cats in slovenia, but currently im in norway and i have my dog with me only. thank you again for commeting on stephens blog πŸ™‚ and im glad you like slovenia πŸ™‚


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