Jeron Moore

(Reflections by. Jeron Moore)

The outer being a mirror reflection of the inner./The beam that radiates from your smile is all urged from the center, your heart that is./Personality representing a mother of a community, not just kids. I look deep within to express what’s unique, sometimes I get nervous, is it you or is it me?/ I was told don’t rush, don’t press, if it’s meant to be it will be. Sorry I got off subject…I’m only suppose to be expressing what I see, so let me say what I see from my eyes within!/ Have you ever met a person and thought were have you been?A deep thinker, so I contemplate thoughts again and again, wondering my choice of words and where to begin./ New friendships have sequence, but who ever said expressing yourself was a sin? Speaking what i see and feel, I crack jokes so your smiles I can steal./ The warmth you create when your lips contrast and expand, that feeling i recreate when I’m alone in the block surrounded by lost men./ Reflecting on these reflections, I ask myself were have you been???

Jeron Moore
DOC #584340

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  1. I honestly love this. The school I graduated from in Creative Writing for Entertainment is located in Winter Park, FL, and it’s called Full Sail University. The reason I’m sharing this with you is even though you may not attend the school, you may find someone there or through SoundCloud who could totally put your words to music and perhaps even locate the perfect singer. I’d encourage you to pursue this skill.

    Thank you for sharing! Peace.


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