Walter Johnston lll

PART 2 OF MY RANT by Walter Johnston III

I only get 15 min to write on our computer site and iam only so fast. Ok where was i all yea people see me as an asshole and a raceist. Because i dont hold my toung and i refuse to be ran overby anyone. But i see it as haveing a back bone. Its a fine line i guess standing up for ones self. Prison is a world inside a world. As soon as you come thru the door your pray. Untill you proove yourself to be an alpha male. The weak are prayed upon because there to weak to take up for them self or lack the heart to do it. They ask you comming thru the door if your in a gang if not you will be in one before the day is over. As for people calling me a raceist if its raceist for wanting to better yourself and make a future for your children and loveing your hearitage. Then by all meens call me a raceist all day long. a member of any ethnic group says there not proud of there people i will call them a liar. Prison life is all about respect you have to stand up for yourself keep your word and give respect to get respect. But all in all behind this rough extierior is aheart of goldwho will help anybody in there time of need. with that said iam almost out of time again you can reach me at Just type in my name and number walter johnston A646880 i hope to here from you soon whoever you are i will be postin more in the future SINCERLY WALT

Walter Johnston III
DOC #646880


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