Maurice Watkins

My day by Maurice Watkins

I had a pretty good day over all, I talked to my son on the phone and he put the biggest smile on my face. I went outside and ran a few laps while listening to my work out play list, and most of all I woke up in good health.I look forward to positivity and strength each day, and continue to better myself.

Maurice Watkins
DOC #737-382

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  1. The shortest and most upbeat post yet. The importance of living, whether in an igloo or in the jungle, is what you have inside of yourself. Some hate who they are and others contemplate what they can change or if they even want to. The reality is that no one ever stands still–we are either growing or dying. You, my friend, are utilizing your love for your son as an ever growing seed. You are more free than many on the outside. Congratulations!


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