Lugene Scott


OFTEN time’s people you thoght would never do nothing to hurt you,end up being that person to cause you hurt and loss of liberty,and that’s when you need to use your mind,and step outside of your self, and evaluate the people you may think is your friends,and family,and ask your self,why do I associate my self with these people?when you do this, everything becomes clear! those so called friends or family only cared about what they could use you for,but never cared about you or your well being.I had to learn this the hard way,and it almost caused me my life,but instead cost me 22 years out of my life of freedom.Everyday that I been locked up in this prison world,I have been elevating in every aspect mind,body and soul.I have out grown all those so called friends and so called family, who said”I would never be shit or do shit worth doing,and I went to school in prison,and I got my G.E.D,and a VOCATIONAL CULINARY ART’S TRADE,and I’m striving and living for me now.Mind Over Matter! LUGENE L SCOTT#A534633 L.E.C.I PO BOX 56 LEBANON, OHIO 45036

DOC #A534633

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